Monday, September 21, 2009

sexy best seller towels

If you're using the towel in a gym or public area, expect people to notice. These towels don't just dry you off and cover you up, they suggest you're a sexy beast that women can't keep their hands of.

One has a pair of decidedly feminine hands braced on your buttocks, and reaching up from where a woman might be in a kneeling position in front of you.Another towel depicts shapely legs wrapped around your
hips. You. Are. The Man.

These naughty business towels will certain make other gym or pool patrons smile (or gasp) but they're perfect for home use, too. Just knowing what's on the towel can give you a boost in the morning or at night.

These make a great novelty gift for the special man in your life. He'll have fun, if nothing else, wearing them
in front of you and trying to make you jealous.